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Staging Really Works: Holiday Decorating

filed under: Item of Value, Sherwood Real Estate, Staging Series posted on November 18th, 2010


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Clear The Clutter

filed under: Staging Series posted on May 14th, 2009

Today we are continuing our staging series in creating a spacious, organized house that brings buyers the feeling of calmness and order. Make your home stand out, not your lifestyle or personal objects. Remember, no one wants to see several days’ worth of mail and newspapers on the kitchen counter, or a kid’s bedroom crammed with toys and games.

Here is a great video of how clearing clutter can showcase your home and not your “stuff”

Here are some basics for clearing clutter:

  • Kitchens: Anything taking up counter or floor space must go. Clear the front of the refrigerator, kitchen desk area and top of cabinets. Organize pantry and cabinets parring down contents to create space.
  • Bedrooms: Make to clear out closet to 50% of contents. Remove everything from the floor and clear shelf. Clear off dressers and night stands.
  • Bathrooms: Do not display any personal toiletry items! Remove all deodorant, mouthwash, electric toothbrushes, etc. and put them in your cabinet. Remember buyers will be looking in the cabinets too! Use baskets and containers to create order.
  • Living and Family rooms: Remove toys or use wicker baskets with lids. Remove all items that are personal such as photos or memorabilia. Remove furniture if the room is over crowded.

When decluttering the house, stuffing everything into the closet or in boxes in the garage is not the answer.

  • Next get the clutter completely out of the house. Have a garage sale, the money will be useful in the last part of staging when we turn your house into a model home.
  • Donate the extra items to a local charity or Goodwill.
  • If you still have items that are cluttering up the house but they are things you’ll want for your next home, then rent a temporary storage space and move them there.

Remember, the buyer doesn’t want to see your house; they want to see their house of the future. Clear the clutter and pack away your cherished possessions and let the house speak for itself.

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Creating Paradise: Extended Living Outdoors

filed under: Staging Series posted on March 30th, 2009

For most people, our fast paced lifestyles push us to do more and relax less. Today, rather than jump inside the house to continue our staging series, I want you to come with me to your backyard. Okay, the backyard you would like to have. I want to share with you an often overlooked area that can really help sell your house.

The best investment my husband and I ever made on any of our homes was to build a covered porch with a sunken hot tub on the back of our house. Now I am sure you are thinking, that sounds like a lot of money, time and work. Did I mention money? The thing is, after we moved, we kept planning to do the same thing with our new home. But money was an issue this time and after careful consideration we came to the conclusion that is wasn’t the porch or the hot tub that we needed after all. What we really wanted was the feeling of relaxation and the comfort we felt each time we used it. The investment payoff was the time we got back by using our own backyard.

Take the time to create even a small area of retreat for the adults looking to purchase your house. So often yards are clean, mowed and maintained. The minimum is done and the kids areas are the main focus. But what will make your house stand out, is to show the buyers what’s in it for them. You are selling a fantasy remember, and creating paradise on any level can leave a lasting impression.

Your backyard retreat does not have to be expensive or elaborate. You can transform an ordinary picnic table, some wicker chairs or wrought iron bistro set. Whatever you have will work fine, it’s all in the details to make buyers take notice and remember your home above the others they may consider.

There are somethings that should not be over looked when preparing your backyard retreat.
  • Patios and Decks MUST be pressure washed, treated and sealed if necessary. Show that this area is to be enjoyed immediately.
  • Make sure the perimeter of the yard has a soft edge with some slight curves. 12 inches of unimagined bark dust all the way around will lead them to think the area is not important enough to put in any extra effort.
  • If there are none, plant a tree in one or each corner. Height and texture is important to making a yard feel inviting and finished off.

Here are a few things that can be stored inside and taken outside for an open house or when you get that call of a last minute showing:
  • Tray with outdoor glasses, bottled drinks and other accessories like a lantern or votive candles. (Make it easy, taking only seconds to set up)
  • Potted plants or flowers to brighten the area since it is usually concrete.
  • Pillows for chairs to add texture and softness. These can be kept indoors in an organized basket for a quick grab.
  • An umbrella can really ground an area and make it feel like an extension of the home. Stay neutral in color like stone or khaki.
  • If you have surround sound already in your home, consider adding outdoor speakers.
  • Tuck a lounge chair and table (even an overturned large bucket will do) in to a corner under a tree for a quiet reading spot if space is limited.
Now the most important thing to remember about your new extended outdoor living area is to enjoy it yourself. Selling a home can be stressful and a bit of a roller coaster emotionally. You’ve made a great decision by hiring the McCabe Real Estate Group to take care of the all the details and be the driving force behind selling your home. Treat yourself to a break, grab a cold one, sink into that comfy chair and watch the kids play. Or sneak out when they are at school, lean back and catch a few minutes to yourself. No need to worry, Todd and Leslie will take care of everything.

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Creating the Fantasy: Curb Appeal

filed under: Staging Series posted on March 27th, 2009

Haven’t we all driven through a neighborhood, down a particular street or through a certain part of town and wished, dreamed or fantasized about living there? That perfect porch, or the park just around the corner just beckons you to return, to move in and turn the fantasy into reality? All of us at one time or another has had a dream home, has fantasized about it and driven down the street more than once.
Over grown shrubs? Tree limbs hanging over the roof? Maybe some nice green, moss and buildup on the drive way? I doubt many people have that in mind when they think about a fresh new start. Here are some tips to creating a welcoming presence that will wow buyers before they even get out of the car.

Clean it up, it’s not always what you add but what you
take away
that makes a good first impression.
  • Remove any tree limbs near or touching the roof.
  • Clear rain gutters and chimneys. Check for needed repairs.
  • Kill mold on sidewalks, roof, and patio.
  • Check all areas of grass for moss build up.
  • Pressure wash siding, porches, sidewalks, and decks
  • Remove leaves and weeds; mow and edge lawn. Finish with bark dust.
  • Put away garden equipment and tools. Check side of house where these things gather.
  • Clean windows so they shine and glimmer. Repair shutters and touch up paint if needed

Create atmosphere and build the fantasy.
  • Pay attention to where people may park when they tour the home and make sure they have a clear path to the door.
  • Place flowers in large pots entryway. Grasses and heat hardy plants and flowers are best and lowest maintenance.
  • Try to avoid adding flowers to the landscape it’s self, many are seasonal and won’t last through the hotter months.
  • Freshen paint, especially on the entry door or surrounding architectural features.
  • Add new door hardware and make sure the numbers on the home are visible and it good shape.
  • Make sure to check light fixtures and door bell. All should be up to date in style. Replace if needed.
  • Add texture and a welcoming invitation to your entry with a chair and pillow if room.
  • Add river rock for a dry creek bed or a berm to add texture and height to your yard.

Creating Curb Appeal is probably the one area in which most home owners can take care of themselves. These tips can be used as a good check list to keep you focused and set a plan for your yard this spring.

Next in our Staging Series: Creating Paradise

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Welcome Guest Design Consultant for our new Staging Series!

filed under: Staging Series posted on March 19th, 2009

Hello! I’m Jeana! I am a Design Consultant, who is passionate about all things to do with home decor and yes, even home maintenance. I believe that when you truly love your surroundings, you will live a happier and more fulfilled life. I have worked with many realtors® to assist their clients with staging and planning spaces and when Leslie asked if I would be a guest on her blog, of course I said yes! I have such a great respect for the McCabe’s because of all they do for their community and the level of customer service they have for their clients. That really shows here on their blog and I am happy to contribute to it. Using a staging or design consultant who is not your realtor® can be a great benefit to the sale of your home. A third party consultant is not in jeopardy of loosing a listing or commission over a collection of cookie jars, neon glow paint or the placement of the kitty litter box. A consultant will be like the best friend who tells you “Yes, those pants DO make you look fat.” That is their job.
I invite you to follow this blog, as we cover helping those who would like their home to “sparkle” for potential buyers. Don’t worry there will be plenty here for those happy in their current homes and just want some spring inspiration and a little motivation.

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