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YouTube "Green" Video

filed under: Green Series, Video posted on June 23rd, 2009

Watch this Green Series Video from YouTube to get some great ideas on how to be more “green friendly” when remodeling your living room.

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Green Series Continued By The McCabe Real Estate Group

filed under: Featured Businesses, Green Series posted on May 21st, 2009

Today’s article, part of our continued “Green” Series comes from Missy Gerber, owner of Organizers Northwest. Missy was featured on one of the episodes of the hit TLC TV show, “Little People Big World” when Matt and Amy Roloff needed help with getting their home organized.

If you are ready to get rid of the stress and need some organization, contact Missy and her company. They will help you get back to a clean and more “green” way of living.

Being Organized is GREEN!
What does being organized have to do with being green? Plenty! The organizing industry is naturally green by design. By singing the Reduce – Re-Use – Recycle song, we help people improve their own environment as well as the larger world.
Reduce your purchases! A common misconception people have of hiring an organizer is that you will need to buy a bunch of organizing products. Nothing could be further from the truth! We encourage just the opposite – stop spending and stop bringing more stuff into your space. We can do a lot of organizing by putting like items together and giving everything a home. For example, when your garage is organized, you know exactly where that can of WD40 is. This prevents duplicate purchases which saves you money.
Reduce your paper! When you pay your bills online, you reduce your
carbon footprint, your bills get paid on time, and you get the additional benefit of automatically reducing the piles of paper in your home. It is much easier to manage your paper when there is less of it. To reduce the incoming paper, go to this link and ask to be removed:
DMA – Send $1 to Direct Marketing Association; PO Box 282, Carmel, NY 10512. Ask to be removed from their mailing list
Go to and ask to be removed from their mailing list.
Credit Card Opt Out – Call 1-888-567-8688 and enter the information requested to remove yourself from credit card offers. You may also remove the names of others in your household.
Reduce your stuff! Be aware of what you are bringing in to your home. Maintenance equals one item in and one item out; in order to get ahead, one item in and two or more items out. How many coffee mugs, t-shirts or Tupperware containers do you really need?
Repurpose items you own to avoid making new purchases. Favorite coffee mug chipped? Use it to hold pens on your desk. Bath towel getting frayed? Cut it into rags and quit buying paper towels. Don’t spend $20 on an acrylic jewelry tray, use an egg carton.

When you organize your possessions, you get rid of those things that no longer server you. Donate that dress or suit you no longer wear to Dress for
Success and be happy knowing that someone else will love it like you once did. Donate that old cookware to Community Warehouse to help out a family in need. Not sure where to donate your item? Post it on Donor’s Resource and know that it will go to someone who wants and needs it.
When your home is organized, you will set up zones for recycling, making it easier to achieve your recycling goals. You will finally have a designated spot for yogurt lids and all the plastic that needs to go to Far West Fibers instead of regular recycling. Are you confused about recycling in general? Place a call to the professionals at Eco-Guides . They will come to your home or office and turn you into a recycling maniac!
When your office or garage gets organized, you will finally get rid of those old outdated computers. Free Geek would love to get their hands on them and make them usable for someone who doesn’t have a computer.
Having an organized home or office saves you money, saves you time, and helps you be a better steward of the earth. You will consume less, which is better for your wallet, waist and mind. What else could you want?

Please look for our “Green” giveaway announcement coming soon.
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