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BBQ Benefiting The Epilepsy Foundation Saturday August 26th Sherwood American Legion

BBQ to Benefit Epilepsy Foundation

BBQ to Benefit Epilepsy Foundation

Organized by Shane Murray, a Sherwood resident and also one of the McCabe Real Estate Group’s 26 McCabe Group Money Grow participants, is organizing A BBQ this Saturday August 26th from 6-8 pm benefitng The Epilepsy Foundation. The event will be at Sherwood’s American Legion located  in Downtown Sherwood at 22548 SW Pine Street. They will be serving hamburgers, salads and desserts. A suggested donation is $7.00 per meal.



April at their annual benefit Egg Hunt For HOPE event, Todd and Leslie McCabe, owners of The McCabe Real Estate Group gave 26 people each $60 (total of $1,560.00) and challenged them to  grow their $60 into more money and to make a difference with it.  How much can our total amount of $1,560.00 grow into? $10,000? $25,000?  The sky is the limit!   There are no rules…simply make that money grow for a person, family, group or organization.  They told their participants to be creative and have fun while they are making a difference in your community.

How are they growing their McCabe Group $60 Money Grow Challenge?  Instead of just “giving it away”  the 26 participants are hosting game nights, parties, selling baked goods, walking dogs,   organizing professional photography sessions, and having car washes to name a few of their fundraisers. Once they feel they are done growing their $60 seed money, they are then to donate it to their favorite cause, organization, or even a friend or family in need.

On October 6th, they will all meet up to share their stories on how they grew their money, what they did with it and to see how much the McCabe Group’s donation of $1,560.00 actually grew into.

  “You can make a difference wherever you live. It can start with just $60”


For all of your real estate needs in and around Sherwood, Oregon, please call the McCaBe Real Estate Group at 503.880.9866. Thank you!

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